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Stuttgart Travel Guide

Stuttgart Museums and Galleries

Planetarium Stuttgart
With more than 200,000 visitors a year, the Planetarium is one of the most attractive planetariums in the world. There are a variety of shows daily, exhibitions of cosmic painting, and interesting astronomic courses and seminaries. The programs change every two months, and the presentations take about 45 minutes.
Address: Mittlerer Schlossgarten, 70173 Stuttgart

Porsche Museum
In this museum are shown interesting developments made by racing and sports car maker as well as their history. Its main sights are early Porsches and other modern racing cars. If you are a car lover, you must not miss this museum!
Address: Porschestrasse 42, Neuwirtshaus

Linden Museum
This is one of Europe’s most important ethnographic museums; it exhibits art and culture of South and East Asia, Africa and America. Its main attractions are the Tibetan Temple, a Japanese Teahouse and an Oriental bazaar. There are also lectures, and other interesting cultural events.
Address: Hegelplatz 1, Stuttgart

State Gallery
This is a neoclassical gallery located in an architecturally amazing building. There are exhibited fine art works, and the best collection is from the 19th and 20th centuries with works of important German expressionists like Kirchner, Barlach, and Beckmann.
Address: Konrad-Adenauer-Straße 30-32, 70038 Stuttgart

Museum am Löwentor
The Museum am Löwentor was open in 1985, is home for an extensive collection of bones and fossils found in south-west Germany. The most amazing exhibits are the Triassic dinosaur, a Jurassic Period sea dinosaur and a variety of mammals from Tertiary and Ice Ages.
Address: Rosenstein 1, Stuttgart

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