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Munich Travel Guide

Festivals in Munich

As we mention before, the most famous festival of Munich is the Oktoberfest, but this is not the only one. There are many other big festivals and events all year around.
The carnival season or Fasching is between January and February; this is time of parades, fancy dress balls and street parties with the participation of a number of civic organizations. In March the most popular festival is the “Time of strong beer” or Starkbierzeit, this is other giant beer party with many traditional dancing events.

The Munich Film Festival is other important event, famous directors present their films and members of the public can attend to the forum for film screenings and discussions. There is an event that takes place twice a year: The Tollwood Festival. In summer, the festival lasts 24 days, with much variety of free shows. In winter, the festival offers a unique program full of cultural performances. In the end of the year, the Christkindlmarkt is the most famous event. It takes place in Marienplatz, there you can acquire beautiful Christmas presents.

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