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Getting Around Germany

Getting around Germany is incredible easy. The train network is comfortable, reliable, fast and reasonably priced. The eastern and western train systems have now been fully merged. German roads are also excellent and motorized transport can be a great way to tour the country. However, almost all bigger cities suffer from a severe parking problem. The national and famous motorway network known as autobahnen, officially there is no general speed limit, but, in an attempt to increase safety and control the pollution, a lot of segments have speed limits. Another good and healthy way for getting around Germany is cycling. For the Germans, cycling is a fundamental part of life and many cities encourage cyclists with designated bicycle lanes, but cycling on the autobahnen is strictly forbidden (verboten).

Germany By Plane Germany By Plane
Almost all large and small cities in Germany have airports and numerous carriers operate domestic flights. Furthermore, airports have an airport shuttle service, offering reduced fares and fast connections between the city center and the airport.

Germany By Train Germany By Train
Germany has a one of the world’s best and most efficient railway systems, which reaches almost every city of the country, while the trip will be comfortable, cheap and punctual. Trains in Germany are modern and fast.

Germany By Car Germany By Car
Driving around Germany is a pleasing and flexible way to see the country. In Germany roads are usually excellent, the country’s pride are its 11,000 Km of freeways (Autobahnen) which expand to all corners of the land.

Germany By Bus Germany By Bus
The bus network in Germany is excellent and efficient. Germany does not have a nationwide bus system, but many buses are operated by BahnBus. Bus service is especially convenient during slow periods of rail service.

Germany By Boat Germany By Boat
Germany has a lot of beautiful lakes and rivers, and the Rhine is the country’s most traveled waterway. Most visitors prefer to see the castles on the Rhine from the deck of a passenger liner.

Driving schools

Driving schools in Germany

Driving schools teach driving, and road safety. In the driving schools directory you will find information about road safety, driving knowledge, vechicles and equipment. A driver training course, or hight-school driver education program approved by the provincial government can teach you the skills, and attitudes you need to be a safe, and responsible driver.

Traffic schools

Traffic schools in Germany

Improve your driving skills and possibly get a ticket dismissed or your insurance premium reduced. Taking a traffic schools course can also earn you a discount on your car insurance premiums. And, of course, if your driving skills just need a tune up, you can sign up to improve your driving techniques.

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