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Gays in Germany

People in Germany are open-minded, so the country is an attractive place for gays and lesbians, it is normal to see gay couples holding hands and kissing in parks and streets. The gay pride is celebrated with festivals in a number of German cities like Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt and Cologne, the most important gay event is Christopher Street Day attracting over 400,000 partiers that is celebrated between June and July, other famous party is the Love Parade. The acceptation of homosexuality is also reflected in such thing as a low age of consent, legal prostitution, nudist areas in parks and porno cinemas.

But not always was this way, years ago gays weren’t accepted until the foundation of the Scientific Humanitarian Committee that fought for gay rights against the view of homosexuality as a disorder. Its founder, Dr Magnus Hirschfeld, made many campaigns for recognition of gays with a principal theory “homosexuality is not a disorder, it is a third sex”. Currently, thanks to Dr Hirschfeld campaigns, Germany is one of the world's gay meccas.

Germany’s big cities have prosperous gay scenes; there are large numbers of bars, clubs, cafe, saunas and restaurants for gays. For example in Berlin there is an estimated gay/lesbian population of well over a quarter of a million and the gay scene is for all tastes.

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