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Frankfurt Travel Guide

The city of Frankfurt

The city of Frankfurt
The city of Frankfurt is the smallest metropolis in the world with many things to offer. There are extensive tours, cultural attractions and interesting shopping trips which will make your visit unforgettable. The hospitable atmosphere of the city is one of the reasons why many people stay there for a long time, giving the city its multicultural ambience. As well as being an economic powerhouse, the city is an important venue for trade fairs and business. Frankfurt is also home of the Germany’s Central Bank and the Bundes Bank.

There are 46 Stadtteile, the largest in area is Sachsenhausen-Süd. Many Stadtteile are integrated suburbs, some of them started during the quickly growth of the city; others were formed from arrangements. These 46 divisions are mixed into 16 area districts; each one has a district committee and leader.

Despite its modern importance, the city has still preserved her historic past. This is shown in many cultural attractions like the famous St. Bartholomew's Cathedral where many Emperors of the Holy Roman Empire were crowned, the Goethe’s House and Museum and many beautiful places of Frankfurt’s Old Town.

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