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Düsseldorf Travel Guide

Festivals in Düsseldorf

This is one of the major events in Dusseldorf that attracts many tourists from different countries; there are dance and music events giving to the city a vibrant aspect. It begins on 11 November and lasts an entire week.

Japan Day
Other big event in Dusseldorf is Japan Day, it is celebrated every year in May. More than 1.2 million visitors arrive to the city to participate in this festival. There are many cultural programs and Japanese entertainment, but the most amazing spectacle is the sight of fireworks.

Christmas Market
The Christmas market is the most important event in this festive season, it has two market areas: the Christmas market in Schadowplatz and the Nikolaus market in the Altstadt. In these markets are offered goodies, ornaments, hand-blown glass from Bavarian Forest and many other things. This event ends with New Years celebrations.

Every July, the SThis is a cultural festival where a varied programme is performed. It lasts for 18 days and takes place in many churches, pubs, galleries, public building and places.

St. Martin�s Evening
In this event, Dusseldorf�s inhabitants remember St. Martin and his philanthropic act. According to the local legend, St. Martin was passing through the area and he gave his coat to a vagabond. Many children participate in a procession with home-made lanterns while in an original act, people share their coat. St. Martin�s Day has its traditional dish: the Martinsgans (roast goose).

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