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If you are coming to Germany to pass an unforgettable vacation and want to enjoy not only of the attractions that offers this great country, but also of some sports activities, Calculate bmi men or women, then, you will be surprised by the variety of options Germany, a sport living country, has for you. Sports in Germany are varied, people can choose from a wide range of options that include soccer, tennis, basketball, water sports, winter sports, and much more. Definitely, if you like sports and want to combine it with tourism, Germany is a perfect place to you!

If you arrive to Germany for the first time, you will see that playing sports in Germany forms part of the life of German citizens. Just walk around German cities, towns, villages and see little boys playing soccer; it can be a proof that soccer is one of the most popular and favorite sports here. Another sport that captivates German people is tennis, so let's check some other sports that are played in this country:

Before starting your sport activity we recommend you look your Body Mass Index (BMI) to train with greater knowledge. From 1980 until now, German men have risen an average of 26-28, but the average male athletes maintain the level of the female population, which is BMI 25.


Soccer in GermanyThis sport is taught at school level, since the first year, so imagine how popular this sport is in German. German people are good soccer players, that is why, they have won World Cups in 1954, 1974 and in 1990.  Germany has a premier soccer league called Bundesliga that is composed by 18 teams. Among the teams that generally belong to this league are Schalke 04, Bayern München, Werder Bremen, HSV Hamburg, among other clubs. 

If you like to play soccer, there is no excuse to play a match here. Whether you are in a big city, or in a small village there are parks and playgrounds where you can play it. This way you can meet German people and have fun doing some exercise.


Tennis in GermanySome of the things that make of tennis a popular sport in this country, is also why Germany has been the home of famous tennis players such as Boris Becker and Steffi Graf. Germany regularly participates in tennis competitions such as the "Davis Cup". Some of the main tennis competitions that are held in Germany include Mercedes Cup, Grand Slam, Gerry Weber Open, Porsche Tennis Grand Prix, among others.

Then, if tennis is one your favorite sports, you could play it in some of the large number of tennis courts. Find here clay courts, grass courts and hard courts. If you want to play in some of the main tennis camps, then take in mind doing it, in camps such as the Tennis Camp Sepp Baumgartner (Bavaria).


Golf in GermanyThis elegant sport can be played in great golf courses in Germany. As other sports, it is gaining popularity here, it is also due to the success of the golfer Bernhard Langer, who has won the Masters Tournament in two opportunities.  Besides, if you want to enjoy of golf in this country, you can visit one of the outstanding golf courses like the most famous “Gut Kaden”, located just near Hamburg. German cities offer golf courses where it is possible to take golf lessons. They vary on prices depending on the school. These training courses are designed to help golfers to learn and improve basic golf skills. Since golf is not just for professionals, if you don't know how to play it, you must know that golf schools offer a large variety of courses that include lessons for beginners. 

Water sports

Marinas in GermanyThere are endless possibilities for water sports in this country. You can pass a wonderful time in the picturesque and beautiful German beaches like those in areas such as The Sylt and Heringsdorf, as well as on the islands. You will prove that these beaches are perfect not only for swimming, but also for sailing. You can also enjoy of Marinas in Germany. In these floating harbors you will enjoy the greatest comforts and all the fun provided by recreational boating. Marinas have large recreational facilities such as shops and restaurants. Its location is more frequently along the banks of rivers that connect with seas.

Among others water sports you can practice in the sea, rivers and lakes, are surfing, wakeboarding, waterskiing, canoeing, rafting, etc. 

Winter sports

Skiing in GermanyGermany is a country that has much to offer to tourists during winter, for those who love winter sports or for people who like the snow, Germany has many ski resorts, which get more attractive in winter. Ski resorts include accommodation, shops, clubs, cinema, theater, and much more, so they assure you to have leisure and fun. If you are traveling to Germany in January and February, you can meet many Germans in the ski resorts, because these are the favorite months when Germans go skiing. Don’t lose the opportunity of skiing in the great ski resorts of Oberstdorf, one of the best ski areas in this country.

Then, other sports that are practiced in Germany are basketball, with a considerable number of fans, volleyball, handball, skating, athletics and others. 

To sum up, with such sports options, there is no doubt that you will have an awesome time in this country. Enjoy it at all!

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