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Schools in Germany

Here, we are going to present you with some information related to education at universities in Germany, specifically about schools in Germany. You can receive a good training through the different qualified universities of this awesome country. Whatever be the career you have chosen to study, this country offers you the possibility to pursue it. Here, find information about some of the most well-known German law schools and German business schools.

Law schools

Law students in Germany In Germany, as in any country, after high school, students may choose to study law. After law students receive the adequate preparation, they have a variety of employment opportunities to develop professionally. 

Some of the best law schools in Germany are the following:
  • University of Augsburg
    The Faculty of Law was founded in 1971. Since that year, it provides students of legal knowledge applying the best methods of teaching. The faculty allows students to have both critical and practical knowledge and complete their degree more rapidly than anywhere else in Germany. This cutting edge faculty provides all the facilities a student may require, it includes seminar rooms, a well-implemented library, theatres, etc. Many exchange programs with American and European universities are offered to students in order they gain experience abroad. This law school offers courses in intellectual property, law and business, law for international business, etc. 
    University of Augsburg
    Address: Universitätsstr. 2, 
    86159 Augsburg, Deutschland Augsburg, Germany
    Phone: +49- 0821-598-4500
  • University of Bayreuth
    The internationalization of the education and of the research are one of the priorities of this university. The Faculty of Law, Business Administration and Economics, combines these areas. The faculty conducts interdisciplinary researches on each one of these areas, trying their students get critical, analytical, logical and technological skills giving them the necessary academic tools. The university provides their students with facilities such as a library, an IT service centre, a technical support centre, among others.
    University of Bayreuth
    Address: Universitätsstraße 30,
    95440 Bayreuth, Germany
    Phone: +49 (0921) / 55 - 6001
  • Humboldt University of Berlin
    This university is the oldest from Berlin. It was founded in 1810 by the linguist Wilhelm Von Humboldt. One of the best characteristic of its law school is that, it has a mock court, where students can have the chance to try cases. The school is specialized in public law, European law an International law. All key skills are taught during the legal studies, taking in mind international and interdisciplinary aspects. Some of the areas about which students will learn are constitutional and commercial law, contract law, administrative law, company law, among others. 
    Humboldt University of Berlin - Faculty of Law
    Address: Unter den Linden 6
    10099 Berlin, Germany
    Phone: +49-(0)30-2093-3495
  • Bucerius Law School
    This law school was founded in 2000. It is a private school considered as the best law school in Germany. It offers doctoral and post-doctoral degrees. The school helps students to develop critical thinking, leadership skills and the ability of working in team. The school offers two degree programs: The General Law Program and The Master of Law and Business.
    Bucerius law school
    Address: Hochschule für Rechtswissenschaft
    Jungiusstrasse 6
    20355 Hamburg
    Phone: +49 40 3 07 06 – 152

Business schools

Business class If you love the world of business and want to get the business knowledge and business skills, then, enrolling in a business school in Germany will be a good decision. 

The following are some of the most well-known business schools in Germany:
  • Mannheim Business School (MBS)
    This business school is one of the best in this country. It provides management education that includes undergraduate, graduate, and executive education. Students can select the program that better suits their needs. They last 0-3, 3-5, and more than 5 years. It offers bachelor programs, master programs, MBA programs, Ph.D. programs, among others.
    Mannheim Business School (MBS) 
    Address: L 5, 6
    68161 Mannheim
    Phone: +49 621 181 1281
  • EBS Business School
    This private business school is one of the top business schools in Germany. The proof of this is not only given by the rankings, but by the students. It is committed with future generations, providing students with high-quality education and trying them to be future leaders with the required qualities and ethical behaviors. Among the study programs it offers are Bachelor in General Management, Master in Finance, Master in Business Innovation, EBS Full-time MBA, etc.
    EBS Business School
    Address: Hauptstraße 31
    65375 Oestrich-Winkel
    Phone: +49 611 7102 1880

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