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Germany has become a popular first rate travel destination for the tourists out there. It is a diverse country with many attractions on offer and the combination of old the world charm and modern urban cities makes it a scenic and ideal place for you travellers. Germany offers a wide range of mouth-watering foods, comfortable accommodation and some tantalising drink options. Germany has something to offer for everyone- beautiful scenery, great architecture, lively festivals, glam events, vibrant night life and some of the best beer you'll ever taste. Before heading off to the wonderful country that is Germany, make sure you have applied for your EHIC. This will cover those medical costs so click here for an EHIC and make your trip stress free. With that covered, here are the reasons why you should visit Germany:

The Carnival Season
This is a wonderful opportunity to relax and embrace the tides of the carnival season celebrations which take place in a number of cities throughout Germany. The celebration lasts throughout the weekend and through to Rose Monday. If you were to go to this Carnival you'll be punched with an explosion of colours, decorated floats and all kinds of flamboyant costumes, political satire, street dancers and even marching brands.

The Berlin Film Festival
This is arguably the most glamourous event in the global cinematographic calendar. This prestigious film festival manages to live up to the promotion and rewards genuine artistry and innovation in film-making with a number of different genres, spanning the full spectrum of global film production. If you appreciate film, then this is a must see in regards to visiting Germany - you'll get to see the film industry unfold in its true form.

Everyone should at least once in their lifetime attend this fun and cultural festival. You can celebrate all things Bavarian and consume the Mabkruge whilst listening to the sounds of Leferhosen-clad 'oompah bands'. It comes to no surprise that people from all over the world travel to Munich to be part of this beer appreciation party. As soon as you arrive you'll be instantly swept up in the atmosphere of the festival, both in and around its centre.

German food
This is probably one of the tourists' favourite aspects of Germany. The food is delicious! They have over 1500 different types of sausages served with sauerkraut and potato salad, exquisite soups and stews - sauerbraten, schweinebraten and schwenkbraten - and as soon as you put one spoonful in your mouth, your taste buds will instantly go into a state of euphoria.

Black forest
Lying in the south west of the country, the black forest has long been an important resource for Germany and it has been a scenic location with beautiful foliage. The area provides breath-taking surroundings for hiking and mountain biking during the spring and summer season, and if you were to be there during the colder spells, skiing is a big business for the winter time. So if you prefer a calming and relaxing sense of tranquillity hustle to the bustle of the street life, this place is sure to do the trick.

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