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Moving to Germany

Willkommen in Deutschland! If you are one of the persons who are thinking of moving to Germany, then, in this section we are going to talk about some aspects you need to take into consideration. The moving process will depend on the time you plan to stay in this country. If you are going to stay a short time, then, it won’t be the same than if you are going to stay 2 years, or even permanently. Remember that moving overseas will not only involve different activities to do, but also to know, so, here we are going to give you essential information that will help you, if you are thinking to stay a long time or permanently in Germany. The relocation process will include packing your belongings in advance, taking contact with a moving company, among others. On the other side, another thing to know about is how to get the VISA for example, then, let's check useful information to settle into the great Germany.

After deciding on moving abroad, there are many things to think about. If you are not going to return home, then, selling your house or apartment will have more sense for example, so decide it as soon as you can, in order you have all prepared for your moving. If your whole family (including children) is going to relocate in Germany, then you must look for schools or universities in the new country. One of the most important things to decide about is the location of your new house. Maybe you decide to live close to your work or close to your children's school or university. If you are going to live in the major cities of Germany, it will be more easier to find more properties for rent  than if you are going to live in small towns.

Starting the process of moving to Germany

Moving to Germany

Packing your belongings

Moving to a new country can be a hard process, but also an exciting one, after all, it will be a new life and a new starting. The following steps can help you to make the process of packing your belongings more easier.
  • Make an inventory of all things that should be moved. 
  • Label all your boxes. 
  • Sell, give away or donate what you don’t need.
  • You can put an star in important boxes and also label as "fragile" those where you pack some fragile objects.

Contract moving companies

Today, there are many moving companies which offer internationally moving services.  They are a great help in the moving process, because people just have to wait their belongings arrive at their new home. Of course, you have to contract a reliable company that assures you to meet the agreed delivery times.

There are moving companies that offer "door-to-door" services. These companies pack your staff, and then bring it to your new home. If you prefer, you can pack your staff by yourself and make moving companies pick up the boxes. It can reduce the price of a complete service. More volume in your staff means that the cost of the service will be more. Another issue that can vary the cost is the level of the service you ask for. Always, consider the distance between your home country and Germany, so then choose from the options you have.

Once in your new home, when the moving company brings your staff, cross-check the name of each thing in your list and open the boxes that contain fragile objects to make sure they are intact. After you have make sure all your belongings are in your new home, then you can sign the delivery papers. Remember that it will be difficult to claim for missing objects or damages after having signed the official documents. 



Getting a residence VISA (residence permit) is an important step in the process of moving to Germany for a long-term, or for staying more than three months. The VISA must be obtained within the three months of your arrival, then, get it on time. 

If you plan to stay a limited time in Germany, you can apply for a temporary residence VISA. On the other hand, if you plan to stay in Germany and not return home, you must apply to a no expiry date residence VISA.

Some of the documents and requirements you need to apply for a VISA are the following:
  • Valid passport.
  • A rental contract that proves you have a place to live in Germany.
  • A proof that you can support financially you and your family
  • Health insurance, among others.

Germany is a good place to live. It is a well organized country, where for sure you will feel comfortably very soon. We hope you and, if it is the case, you and your family enjoy the time is coming in this awesome country!

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