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Where and when to go in Germany

Germany offers a huge choice of regions (16 states called Bundesländer or short "Länder") most of which could provide an enjoyable and fascinating holiday. Germany is also famous for its forests, mountains and lakes.

Let’s begin for the North: Germany has coasts to the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. In this part of the country you can find the famous Fairytale Road with white, sandy beaches, resorts and seaports. There is also the city of Bremen, the Germany’s second port; there are galleries, the town hall and the Roland Statue. The Germany’s number one ocean gate way to the world is the international port of Hamburg; there are chic shops, elegant hotels and great museums. We can not forget Berlin, Germany’s capital, one of the mega cities in the world and the top travel destination in Germany. Berlin offers a wonderful combination of history, night life, architecture and culture.

In the Germany’s south you can find from the beauty of the Black Forest to the dazzling allure of the Alps. There is the city of Heidelberg, where stay the Germany’s most famous castle ruins. Other important city is Freiburg, the capital of the southern Black Forest; it is also known for its magnificent cathedral, an excellent example of late gothic architecture. There is also Munich, Bavaria’s capital and one of Germany’s most beautiful and charming cities, it is home of the world-famous Oktoberfest and of the Deutsches Museum, the largest science and industry museum in Europe. Other areas of interest in Germany’s south include Triberg, Lindau, Dinkelsbühl and the historic Franconian city of Würzburg.

In the middle, you can find Europe’s center of international business and finance: Frankfurt. The city is vibrant, dynamic, and flashy, earning it the questioning distinction of the most Americanized city in Germany. In the eastern part of Germany, you can find extraordinary cities: Leipzig, Weimar, Schwerin and even Dresden, famous for its Frauenkirche and historic center. In the western part cities still have some French influence, discover Bonn, Düsseldorf, Cologne (the heart of the Rhineland), Trier (the oldest city of Germany) or Aachen with its impressive cathedral and history back to Charlemagne.

We have to recommend the Germany’s valleys, well-known as “Romantic Wine Valleys”. Let’s begin for the Rhine Valley; its unique beauty unfurls across the legendary River Rhine. It is famous for its wine festivals during the autumn. The next romantic valley is the Moselle Valley; it attracts visitors not only for its beauty, but also for the friendly atmosphere created by wine and song. Other beautiful valleys are The Ahr Valley, the Weser valley, the Neckar valley, and the Altmühl valley.

Germany is an excellent destination all the year although its climate can be unpredictable. Most people prefer to visit it between May and September (high season) when the sunny days are most likely. A lot of activities are popular in this season, especially outdoor events (hiking, cycling and swimming) and festivals. Cold and wet weather should never be unpredicted in Germany, however: between one-third and one-half of the days each year brings some amount of precipitation. In June and July, school groups filled the major youth hostels, bringing noise and confusion.
The other seasons (from March to May and from October to early November) bring fewer tourists. Usually, in April and May the weather can be mild and sunny. On the other hand, between November and early March skies tend to be gloomy and the mercury often drops below freezing (there are only six or eight hours of daylight); in this season, travel to Germany is becoming more and more popular, especially to the ski areas in the Bavarian Alps. Keep in mind that the rain is a possibility in any month, so try to be cautious.

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