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Stuttgart Travel Guide

Stuttgart Sights

Germany guide - Stuttgart sights
Neues Schloss
The Neues Schloss or New Palace is located in the eastern side of the city; its construction began in 1746 and finished in 1807. The palace was designed by four architects, although the French architecture prevailed in its U-shaped body. Nowadays, the palace houses the Ministry of Culture and Finance, for that reason is not usually open to the public and visiting days are announced in newspapers.

Germany guide - Stuttgart sights
The Schlossplatz (Palace Square) is one of the main attractions of Stuttgart. It is surrounded by many buildings dating from royal times. The Jubilee Column is in the center of the garden, it was given to King William I in 1841.There are also other important monuments like a Cast-iron bandstand and other sculpture pieces made by Calder, Hrdlicka and Hajek.

Germany guide - Stuttgart sights
The Stiftskirche was founded in the 12th century and rebuilt in the 15th century with a Gothic style. Also known as the Collegiate Church, this beautiful landmark has two very different towers. The nave was destroyed in 1944, and reconstruction works were completed in 1958 with important architectural findings dated from 950.

Germany guide - Stuttgart sights
Mercedes Benz Museum
This museum is wide visited for luxury car aficionados, there are shown the development and evolution of the Mercedes Benz, car collections, assembly robots, technology and design exhibits. The building is a glass spiral designed by UN Studio van Berkel & Bos. The museum is connected with Mercedes Center, so there are special tours which can be arranged by appointment.

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