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Stuttgart Travel Guide

Stuttgart Getting Around

If you want to get around in the inner city, you could do it by walking or biking, the distances are quite short, but if you want to go to faraway places you can use the public transportation. The Public transportation is cheap and fully integrated which means that with one ticket you can use a mixture of buses and trains.

Public transportation is provided by the Stadtbahn (U-bahn) for short distances and S-Bahn for longer distances.

Stuttgart By Public Transport
Public transport in Stuttgart is efficient and fast, the old tram system was replaced by the U-Bahn, the underground system. There is also the S-Bahn that helps to reach areas outside the city. The Railway system in Stuttgart is electric and connects Marienplatz in the centre of the city, with Degerloch on the suburbs.
The following U-Bahn or S-Bahn stations are located in the heart of the city: Hauptbahnhof, Schlossplatz, Charlottenplatz, Stadtmitte, Feuersee, Rathaus, Staatsgalerie, and Berliner Platz.

Stuttgart By Walk
Many people like getting around the city by foot, the distances are not far and in order to cross the inner city you need only 25 minutes. You should cross the streets using the pedestrian crossing. Stuttgart is a safe city, so you can walk through the city at night without any fear.

Stuttgart By Bicycle
Unfortunately, Stuttgart is not recommended for bike lovers, there is lot of car traffic and bicycle paths are not well developed. The perfect places for biking are the forests in the outlying areas of the city like Neckar Valley or the Schönbuch

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