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Schools in Germany

Education system in Germany is the same for all states: there are public and private schools.

Education begins with kindergarten, kids can attend from three to six years, kindergartens allow to children interact with other children of their same age, this education is not compulsory, but 86, 9% of children attend kindergarten.

From the age of seven, students start primary school (Grundschule), take four years where children must develop their intellectual capacities.

At 11 years, students start Secondary Sector I (Hauptschule) take 5 or 6 years, in this part of the education system students receive practical and methodical training.
Secondary Sector II (Gymnasium) takes 3 years of study, and when students have finished it, they can attend any university.

Military schools  

Military schools in Germany

In Germany, military schools offer higher education and also prepare students for service in the army, navy or air force. The teachers are usually civilians, and the students must be at least 13 years old to attend to school. To obtain a Master's degree, the candidates should study at least 4 years.

Law schools  

Law schools in Germany

In Germany, after high school education, students may choose to study in law schools; as in any country, in Germany the study of law is also important. Therefore anyone who is a lawyer will have several employment opportunities to develop professionally. E.g. judge, jurist, attorney, magistrate, etc).

Flight schools  

Flight schools in Germany

Becoming a pilot is easier than you may think, the most important requirement is to have dedication and desire to learn and study in a Flight School as well as fulfill the written and flying test requirements. Flight schools offer courses for beginners and/or experimented pilots.

Pilot schools  

Pilot schools in Germany

If you've always dreamed of becoming a pilot, you will choose to attend a pilot school, some Pilot Schools offer accelerated training programs, you can get a private pilot certificate in only 35 hours, whether you are interested in flying as a hobby or want to make a career out of flying, you’ll find what you are looking in Pilot Schools.

Technical schools  

Technical schools in Germany

Technical Schools prepare young people for a profession, these schools offer training in a specific professional area, and students learn skills needed and knowledge to get a job, in Germany these courses can take one year at full-time or three years at part time.

Boarding schools  

Boarding schools in Germany

In Germany, there are approximately 300 boarding schools, there are mixed schools, and others are only for girls or boys. There are also different types of schools such as primary, secondary, special needs, college or vocational and also there are different schools orientation such as Catholic, Protestant, Elite Sport, State Educational

Trade schools  

Trade schools in Germany

These schools are also known as Vocation Schools; in Germany they are part of the dual education system which combines theoretical learning at school and practical learning on the job. There are two types of trade schools, the first one is full-time where students complete a career in one or two years, and the second is part-time, where students finish a career at approximately three or four years.

Massage schools  

Massage schools in Germany

Massage therapy has become more than a method to relieve pain in the neck, back or to reduce stress. Massage Schools offer courses where students develop principles of awareness, touch, rapport and movement; they also develop their own massage styles and customize their treatment according to the client's individual needs.

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