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Mortgage in Germany

In Germany, most young people do not own their homes, the majority live in rented apartments, but with the time and once they have managed to raise a family the necessity to buy a house or an apartment is big, with this also the economic need rises. The majority of Germans prefer loans for mortgages, given by banks, financial agents, and insurers.
All the people that want to buy a house or an apartment, first save some money, in order to get a mortgage. Financial terms used in Germany are:
  • Darlehensbetrag: Amount of money borrowed from the Bank, 
  • Sollzinsbindung: Time of the loan mortgage, 
  • Sollzinssatz: Bank interest, 
  • Rate: Monthly fee to pay
About the mortgage tips, you should have on hand information about 2 banks, trying to pay the mortgage in the shortest possible time.  The payable interest will be lower if it is possible to amortize the debt, do it as soon as possible, the pay the monthly fee should not exceed more than 25 or 30 percent of family income, it must not neglect the other accounts, pay on time and advice provided by professionals is very important.
How to get a mortgage is a big question, getting a mortgage requires a series of documents such as receipts, guarantees, amount of money saved and this generates a series of difficulties, the best way to get a mortgage is saving the largest possible amount of money to covering more than 60 or 70 percent of the value of the house, if this is achieved, the time of loan will be the least, the large number of requirements that the financial companies need often limit our possibilities for this reason the good information will help us.
The process of buying and selling all kind of properties could be difficult to someone who is not a professional.  The career of real estate makes the operations of buying and selling an interesting job, for this reason people seek the help of real estate brokers and sales agents. The real job of the real estate broker is to ensure the welfare of their clients and adjust their needs to their economy.
The process of buying and selling houses is a difficult job, the big quantity the types of mortgages could confuse you. There is a great number of ways to pay and a great number of loans such as fixed rate loans, capped rate, flexible mortgages and others. Not to have problems the real estate agents give all the information that is needed, we have several possibilities to solve these problems with the International real estate
In Germany a big problem is the language, many opportunities of business and jobs are lost, and how to learn German is a big the problem, in almost all countries in the world there are several language schools; these places offer the ways to learn this difficult language.


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