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Learning English in Germany

English  in Europe
The English language is widely spoken in almost all of Europe, but mainly in UK and Ireland where English is the official language. In other European regions,  English is spoken mainly by those who have learned it as a second language. Currently it is calculates that at least 13% of EU citizens  speak English as mother language and 38% have English as a second  language. 
The study found that  English is the first foreign language studied in secondary schools  in every country outside Britain and Ireland, after English, European  citizens choose to learn Germany, Russian and French. So, English  is far ahead of any other as the first choice as a foreign language  in Europe.
English  language in Germany
Although, German is  the official language in Germany, speaking English in Germany is,  like in almost all regions in the world, important in everyday life. Germany, with tight business connections to the Western world, offers a large number of opportunities for anyone, but if you speak English, you will have more and better chances to meet a job vacancy, for example: if you want to work in Germany as an English Teacher, a high value is placed on native-speaking English teachers, particularly  those from the United States and England. 
Those teaching English in Germany are paid quite well, particularly in  comparison to teachers in other foreign countries, so you can expect  the equivalent of around $20 US dollars per hour. Germany  is starved for English teachers, and if you have the right qualifications  and a solid sense of adventure, teaching English in Germany can  be a great experience, in addition, you will enjoy the German culture,  buying moving postcards and eating the delicious  and world famous German recipes.
As we said earlier, learning English in Germany is important, so if you want to learn English in a short  time, you may enroll in one of the many renowned language schools where in addition to learn English, you will meet people from all  over the world. The following is a list with some of the most important  language schools in Germany.
  • Inlingua Germany.
  • Gaalingua.
  • Prolog - English Courses in Berlin
  • Cambridge CELTA Courses in Berlin
  • The Language Lounge
  • Language Institute von Rothkirch
You can also visit there websites because many of them offer courses to learn  English online.


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