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Health Care in Germany

In Germany, there are two health care systems: private and public; the majority of the Germans are members of the system of "Social Security." The compulsory health insurance is funded by the employee and the employer; this system offers the following benefits:
  • Health insurance that covers medical care for diseases.
  • Accident insurance that covers all the risks involved in work and it is primarily funded by the employer.
  • Insurance Long Term Care that covers other aspects such as the provision of food, health care and more.
The German government encourages health professionals to be trained in schools in order to improve their abilities.


Medical schools  

Medical schools in Germany

In Germany, in most medical schools, a medical career takes six years. In the first two years (Vorklinik), students take preclinical subjects such as chemistry, biology, anatomy, etc. Then students must pass an exam to continue with the clinic part (Klinik) where they take three years of clinics subjects (internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics, etc.) Finally, students must take a "Practical Year" in any hospital to obtain their degree.

Nursing schools  

Nursing schools in Germany

The nursing course in Germany includes approximately 3300 hours for theoretical learning and 2500 hours for practical training. There are several specialties to choose after studying in nursing schools, such as: oncology, home care, psychiatric, hygienic, anesthesia, etc. All specialties take two years of study.

Pharmacy schools  

Pharmacy schools in Germany

If your are looking for pharmacy schools is important to consider issues such as the accreditation and reputation of the school, the teachers’ experience, the school agreements with pharmaceutical companies for practical training, etc. In most Pharmacy Schools, pursuing this career takes four years; although you can study a technical career that takes less time.

Dental schools  

Dental schools in Germany

Dental schools prepare students with scientific and practical knowledge to obtain a degree certificate to work in a dental office, at a hospital, at a private institution or independently. The career takes four years of study, and two years or more to have a specialty in endodontic, oral and maxillofacial, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, etc.

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