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Job Search in Germany

Germany, for decades, has been the Promised Land for lots of people who are looking for a better life. No doubt, you can consider job search as a future investment. Despite the crisis in markets across Europe, the German system has very favorable working conditions, higher salaries, 30 days holiday, generous benefits and a schedule that helps reconcile work and family life.

One of the best careers in the current job market is the healthcare industry. According to sources, it has added over 363,000 jobs in the past twelve months. It has become one of the most favorable sectors in the job market. There is a great demand and need for nurses, health care administrators, health technicians and dental hygienists in a variety of fields.

If you want to work in Germany, you must obtain a work permit. Students do not require work permits; however, there is a strict yearly limit of 90 days work. Having all your papers in order, you could find job offers by newspapers and Internet. Then, when you apply for a job, you ought to have a very well-written resume. A German resume is often longer than in other countries, but it should not exceed two pages. Here, you should specify what you have achieved in every job and give some information about language skills and education.

Plus, your resume may be accompanied by a cover letter. The letter should make a clear statement on why you are the right person for the position. Stay focused and make yourself stand out by something original. Employers appreciate brevity, so should be clear and direct.

Unless you have excellent German skills, consider using professional help to write your first application. Resume examples online can help you organize your resume. Depending on the job, you should choose the format that best highlights your skills, training, and experience. Remember, a good resume will open the doors for an interview.

On the other hand, don’t forget to write personal references in your resume sample. This type of information is valuable, even if your employment was not career-related. Keep your reference list format to two or three references and make sure your references are aware of your mentioning them as references.

Online resume templates are a good option to improve your resume. These resume templates will give you an example of what to include in your resume and show the appropriate format to do it.

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