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Munich Oktoberfest

The Oktoberfest is a traditional festival of Munich. It was celebrated for first time in 1810 with a royal wedding where culinary delights, beer were much more popular than the wedding ceremony itself.

Nowadays, the Oktoberfest is a two-week festival celebrated through late September and early October. The festival is usually held on the area of Theresienwiese, beer plays the principal role in the beginning of the event, when the Mayor of Munich taps the first keg of beer and declares "It’s tapped!"

Breweries prepare a special beer for the Oktoberfest; it is a little darker and stronger, in both taste and alcohol. It is a tradition to serve the first mass to the Bavarian Minister-President.

The Oktoberfest also offers a merry mixture of sideshows, traditional roundabouts, small and larger sales stands for such delicacies and candy floss, stuffed animals and other souvenirs.

To maintain the Oktoberfest, older people and families developed the concept of “quiet Oktoberfest” For example until 6:00 pm the tents only play quiet music, after that hour pop music can be played. With this and other measures, the organizers try to preserve the traditional beer tent atmosphere.

 Munich Tourist Office
 They can answer your questions about the following topics:
  • Participation at the Oktoberfest and additional festivities
  • Applications for stands and kiosks
  • Accomodations and camp-sites
 Telephone: ++49/(0)89-233 96 500

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