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Communications: Telephones

Germany counts with a large selection of telephone services connected by modern networks (fiber-optic cable, coaxial cable, satellite system). However, choose the right service is critical. Many service providers put complicated clauses in the contract, So it is important to read carefully the clauses before to sign.

In Germany there are many ways to call abroad. You can make international calls from your own traditional telephone, from telephone shops that offer calls abroad at reasonable rates or using prepaid cards which can be used from any telephone. The rates can be very high, so try to dial the correct number: first the digits 00, then the country code, the local dialing code and finally the telephone number itself.

Cell phones have great demand in Germany for its wide coverage. Thanks to the GSM standards, all tri-band cell phones acquired in Europe or USA should work in Germany. Prices depend of the roaming contracts, although call to German cell phones is more expensive since the caller is charging the inter cost of the connection, not the receiver.

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