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Hannover Travel Guide

Getting Around Hannover

Hannover By Public Transport
Hannover’s public transportation system is very efficient; it is formed by trams, trains and buses which are integrated with regional services. The tram service is modern, clean, fast, comfortable and the best of all: covers almost all the city. There are also five suburban rail lines (S-Bahn) which serve mostly tourists and local residents. The bus system is really ample and bus stops are found in many places of the city, the central bus station for inter-city service is located behind the Central Station.

Hannover By Taxi
In the city there are many taxis, but they are relatively expensive. However, it could be cheaper if traveling in a big group. If you want to hail a taxi you must go to the taxi stand or make a phone call to one of the many taxi companies.

Hannover By Bicycle
Hannover is a perfect place for cycling; there are many bicycle paths and many places to rent a good bike.

Hannover By Foot
Hannover can easily be explored on foot; its most important sights are located near to each other.

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