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Hamburg Travel Guide

Hamburg Activities

This is a favorite local for outdoor activities and popular water sports in Hamburg, is the perfect place for the warmer months. Aussenalster is a good natural escape from the busy lifestyle of the city.

Concerts and variety shows
Hamburg is a city plenty of theatres and concert halls where many famous musicals with a Broadway-style are performed, one of the most famous theatres is the Kehrwieder Varieté-Musik-Theater. There is also an attractive concert venue called Musikhalle/Laeiszhallewith, it has three halls where many orchestral concerts are presented.

Hagenbecks Tierpark
This is a popular zoo where you can see many wild animals live freely in spacious open-air corrals. There are especial events for an additional fee, they are the Jungle Nights in June, the Tanz im Tierpark in July and the Romantic Nights in August. In these events you will enjoy many shows and live music concerts, they are really entertained.

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