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Germany by Bus

The bus network in Germany is excellent and efficient. Germany does not have a nationwide bus system, but many buses are operated by BahnBus. Bus service is especially convenient during slow periods of rail service, normally around midday and on Saturday and Sunday.

The frequency of service varies dramatically depending on the destination. The most popular bus ride is along the Romantic Road, where special green-and-white buses carry tourists regularly from town to town.

In Germany’s rural areas though, many lines run only once per day. Regional and local express bus line designators usually contain the letter(s) CE (local), E (regional around Hamburg; in other areas, E is used for special runnings), S (regional), SB (regional and local) or X (local within Berlin), city bus line designators may contain the letter(s) BB ("Bürgerbus", not integrated within tariff unions), C or O.

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