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Frankfurt Travel Guide

Eating in Frankfurt

Frankfurt’s traditional food is meat-based like many German dishes. One of the most delicious dishes is the Frankfurter grune sosse, this is the favorite for many tourists. Another famous dish is Handkase mit Musik, it is a local creation that is difficult to prepare. Restaurants around the city are full during the entire day. As a custom, inhabitants of the city eat a heavier meal in the middle of the day and cold meats in the evening.

There are meals for all budgets. Taverns offer good dishes for cheap prices; these are favorite places for busy travelers who want to enjoy the sight meanwhile take a rest. There are also many modern restaurants offering international dishes and good atmosphere, these are preferred for young people.
Of course, the traditional drink of Frankfurt is the beer, there are two pilsner beers: Binding and Henninger. Despite the fame of the beer, many people like to drink Applewine, this is a delicacy made from fermented apples.

    Apple-wine taverns
    In Frankfurt, the apple wine is known as “Äbbelwoi” and is usually serve in a blue-grey crockery jug called “Bembel”. This typical drink is especially consumed in the region of Sachsenhausen...

    Restaurants in Frankfurt offer an extensive variety of dishes. There are many establishments which serve Turkish, Italian and Japanese food at reasonable prices. The nicest restaurants in the city are usually full...

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