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Explore Germany: Berlin and Brandenburg

Berlin and Brandenburg
Berlin is one of the most historic cities in Germany, its lively and cosmopolitan metropolis define the city as “many cities in one” Berlin’s past is really dark since Adolf Hittler assumed power and after the World War II the city had become one of the cold war’s first testing grounds. Furthermore, Berlin was divided when the East German government constructed the Berlin Wall; it not just divided land; it also divided families and friend until 1989.

Despite its dark past, especially in wartimes, Berlin was repaired and many streets, towers, parks and gardens prove its renascent beauty. The city is also plenty of museums, finest churches and boulevards lay, some of them are modern and others are old, showing a contrast between East Berlin and West Berlin. This contrast makes of Berlin a fascinating and amazing city.

Explore Germany In the past, Brandenburg was an important portion of the Kingdom of Prussia and with the subdivision in provinces; Brandenburg became “The Province of Brandenburg”. Now, Brandenburg surrounds the area of Berlin and it has more than 3,000 lakes and many flowing waters. There are many activities that you can do like hiking, bike trips and rides; its nature landscape shows plants which have come close to extinction, storks, kingfishes and beavers; this natural environment is under policy protection since 1990.

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