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Explore Germany: Bavaria

Bavaria, located in the German Alps, is a region plenty of attractions, sausages and lots of beer. Over the past years, Bavaria has transformed into a modern industrial state with an advanced economic structure, while agriculture has definitely shaped the country with its cultural landscape, mores and customs.

Bavaria is also the prime destination in Germany for its historic and traditional cities such as Nuremberg, Regensburg, Passau, Augsburg, Bamberg and Munich. Bavarians are particularly proud of the traditional purity law that talks about the allowed ingredients of beer: water, barley and hops; they are also known as the most beer-loving folk with an average annual consumption of 17 litres per person.
There are four regions, in all of them you can find amazing sights that you will never forget.

Explore Germany - Bavaria: Franconia Region
In Franconia you will find beautiful nature scenery full of forests, rivers, lakes, hills and open fields. Many visitors and nature lovers prefer to get around by bike, on foot or in a canoe. The most visited places are the Rhön hills, Altmühl Valley, Spessart hills, the Odenwald forest and the Fichtelgebirge Mountains.

Explore Germany - Bavaria: Allgäu Region The second region is the Allgäu / Bavarian Swabia, this region is characterized by the softly rolling foothills of the Alps and crystal clear lakes. Allgäu is also home of the fairytale Neuschwanstein Castle, it is “a beautiful dream” made reality by King Ludwig II. There you can also do many activities from water sports in summer to skiing in winter.

Explore Germany - Bavaria: Munich
In The Upper Bavaria region you can see extraordinary mountain scenery, beautiful Alpine foothills, distinctive rivers and around 200 lakes. This region is home of many towns and village, being Munich the leading cultural centre.

Explore Germany - Bavaria: Bavarian Forest
The home for the main Germany’s forests is the Easter Bavaria Region. The Bavarian Forest is known as the “green roof of Europe” making the region an ideal place for walking, cycling and horse riding.

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