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Eating in Germany: Meals and Restaurants

Germany has a lot of restaurants which use quality German ingredients for many people who enjoy socializing and eating out with friends and families. In Germany you can find restaurants which serve food of almost all styles of the world. For example, Chinese and Tai restaurants are recognized for the title “China-Spezialiaten-Restaurant”; but some of the food served in these restaurants is adapted to German tastebuds. Turkish restaurants (also known as “Doner shops”) offer a variation of usually very cheap Turkish home cooking.

Eating Germany - Meals and Restaurants In almost every restaurant in Germany, you can choose your own table or, if you prefer, make reservations. Just in the expensive and exceptional restaurants you are obligated to make a reservation. A charming custom, just at better restaurants, is that the waiter will pour a small amount of wine from a newly served bottle into the host’s glass. Also, in Germany you are able to compare prices of the dishes because the law requires each establishment to post a copy of the menu outside; many restaurants also have an English version of the menu.
Usually a service charge is included in the price of meals in restaurants, so, just if you want, you can pay an extra tip for the waiter or waitress.

Usually, lunch in Germany is served from noon until about 2:00 PM; it is the bigger hot meal of the day. Restaurants serve many variety and type of food like kartoffeln, fowl, fish, and vegetarian dishes.
Many Germans prefer to eat as a first dish a soup (Suppen) range from simple chicken to hearty goulash; next the Main Dish (Hauptgerichte) that is often meat based and complemented with potatoes, potato dumplings and noodles; and finally the Dessert (Nachtisch) range from pastries and cakes. Vegetables are usually ordered a la carte.
Dinner is lighter than the lunch and it is served from 6:00 PM until 9:00 PM. Many people eat sandwiches, bread with cheeses or ham, cold cuts, yogurt and desserts.

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