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Eating in Germany

Usually, food in Germany is healthy and varies depending of the region or city; there are specialties with a good variety of seafood, poultry, vegetable, meat and cakes. There you can also find 300 kinds of bread, a number of specialty cheeses and many other tidbits. In the North meals are made with fish, in the South meals tend to be heavier, and in the East specialties are made grilling meat and they pile on the potatoes. Although many people think that the best and cheapest food in Germany is in the country inns.

In Germany there are many hotels and guesthouses which offer Bed & Breakfast with a low-cost. The typical German breakfast consists of bread rolls, butter, jam, ham, a soft-boiled egg and coffee...

Snacks and fast food
In Germany snacks (Schnellimbiss) are widely available, especially Bockwurst (boiled sausage), Bratwurst (grilled sausage) and Currywurst (spiced sauge), as well as fries and hamburgers...

Meals and restaurants
Germany has a lot of restaurants which use quality German ingredients for many people who enjoy socializing and eating out with friends and families. In Germany you can find restaurants which serve food of almost all styles of the world...

Vegetarian food
Sadly, much traditional German food is heavily based on meat. But, in many restaurants you can find at least one vegetarian dish especially in big cities like Berlin. In Germany there are also many organic food shops providing vegetarian bread, cheese, ice cream, etc...

Cooking schools

Cooking schools in Germany

Interest in study at cooking schools is increased in the young people, most culinary schools offer intensive courses focus on practice, but aspirants to chef get real experience when they work in restaurants, hospitals, or hotels, students not only learn about Germany gastronomy, also learn about gastronomy of all regions of the world.

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