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Düsseldorf Travel Guide

Getting Around Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf By Public Transport
The local public transport is really efficient, fast and safe. The service is provided by the Rheinbahn AG., it operates buses and trains. There are also underground trains known as �Rheinbahn� which operate along an extensive network in Dusseldorf. You can buy tickets in orange vending machines at stops, and it must be validated when boarding.

Düsseldorf By Car
Dusseldorf roads are excellent for drivers, but many people in the city prefer to use the public transport instead of cars to protect the environment. You will not have troubles with the parking spaces; the city is full of them. There are 41 affiliated open-air and many underground car parks. Try to not drive during big events and rush hours, in these cases the roads are quite full.

Düsseldorf By Bicycle
Many people in Dusseldorf use the bike for getting around the city, and this way know more about the city and its streets. There are good conditions for cyclists: good cycle path networks and favourable weather conditions.

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