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Düsseldorf Travel Guide

Düsseldorf Sights

Dusseldorf Altstadt
The Dusseldorf Old Town �Altstadt� is famous for its food, drink, nightlife and many important churches like the Neanderkirche, the Bergerkirche, the Kreuzherrenkirche and St. Lambertus. Altstadt is also well known as �the longest bar in the world� because there are approx. 200 bars and restaurants. Many people visit Altstadt for its traditional drink called Altbier that is a dark, mellow brew.

Dusseldorf Benrath Palace
Benrath Palace
This is a famous palace built in the 18th century to be the residence for the Elector Karl Theodor. Nowadays, the palace is one of the most visited attractions in Dusseldorf and houses many museums like the European Horticultural Art Museum. Its amazing design shows the transition from late baroque to classical architecture.

Dusseldorf Goethe Museum
Goethe Museum
Known as �Schloss Jagerhof�, it is a beautiful baroque building where collections of pieces relating to Goethe are exhibited. There is also an especial room just for writings related to Faust. This is an excellent place for lovers of literature and Goethe fans.

Dusseldorf Rathaus
The Rathaus is a complex dating from the 16th century. It is formed by three buildings from diverse eras: The Old Town Hall, the Wilhelminischer Bau and the Gurpello House; their architecture is traditional Rhine baroque style. Other principal attraction is the statue of Jan Wellem riding his horse.

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