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Drinking in Germany: Beer

Beer is an important part of Germany’s culture. Beer includes water, carbohydrates, proteins, alcohol, carbon dioxide, vitamins and valuable minerals. There is a set of rules to guarantee the quality of beer produced in Germany; it is called “The Reinheitsgebot” or “German Beer Purity Law”.

Varieties of Beer

Altbier This is the traditional beer of the area around Dusseldorf and Niederrhein. It is made using warm top-fermented yeast and darker malts. Similar types of Altbier are connected with other cities like Hannover.
Berliner Weisse
Berliner Weisse This is a whear beer, and as its name says is the traditional beer of Berlin. It is top-fermented, slightly barm-clouded and relatively sour. The optimal drinking temperature is 8° to 10 °C.
Bock This is a strong beer native of the Hanseatic town. It is usually brewed for especial events like Easter and Christmas. There are four types of bock: the traditional bock, maibock or helles bock, Doppelbock and Eisbock.
Kölsch This is one of the most famous beers, brewed in Cologne. It is fermented colder than most ales, it has a golden color and is traditionally served in long and thin glasses known as a Stange.
Marzën This is one of the oldest types of beer. It is brewed at the end of the month of March, it has a medium body with a malty flavor balance. The Marzën is so famous that is produced in other countries.
Pils This is the general Germany beer, its style belongs to the Czech area of Pilsner. The modern Pils has a light and clear color from pale to golden yellow with a distinctive hop aroma and flavor.
Schwarzbier Also known as “black beer” this is the darkest beer made in Germany. It has an opaque, black color, a full chocolate or coffee flavor and is almost treacly in taste. The Schwarzbier has its origin in Thuringia and Saxony.
Weizenbier Also known as “wheal beer”, it has a creamy texture and sweet flavor; some types have overtones of banana and clove. There are many varieties like the Hefeweizen and other sour beers.

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