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Getting Around Dresden

Bus and tram in Dresden:
Many people prefer to use the buses and tram lines to know more than the centre of the city. In Dresden there are 12 tram routes and 27 bus routes and just the most important lines work every hour. The service is really good; you can find tickets and maps at most rail and bus stations.

Dresden Funicular:
Other good way of getting around Dresden is the funicular. The Standselbahn is one of the most accessible funiculars; it links Loschwitz with Weisser Hirsch. Meanwhile the Schwebebahn, the first funicular built in 1900, links Loschwitz with Oberloschwitz.

Ferry in Dresden:
In Dresden, ferries are operated by the same authorities that preserve the networks of trams and buses. There are five ferries for almost every route in Dresden.

Cycling in Dresden:
Bikes are very useful in Dresden; the main route for cyclists in Dresden is the Elbe cycle path. Regularly, the German Cycle Club (ADFC) of Dresden publishes many brochures which are practical for cyclists.

Taxis and Cars in Dresden:
In Dresden there are many taxis, you can find one any time of the day. Charges are per kilometre of travel.
As many roads in Dresden are congested, the most people don’t rent cars and prefer to use the public transport.

Walking by Dresden:
Fortunately, the centre of Dresden can be accessed without difficulty on foot; many highlights of the city are easily reachable if you take a walk.

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