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Dresden History

Dresden is a city of Slavic origin; it was home in the Neolithic Era for the Linear Pottery culture tribes ca. 7500 BC. Dresden was from the 15th century onwards residence of the Saxon dukes, electoral princes and later kings.

The City was the capital of the Kingdom of Saxony Between 1806 and 1918 and during the Napoleonic Wars; Dresden was a base of operations for the French emperor who won the famous battle in 1813. Years later, in 1849 Dresden was involved in other battles: The German Revolutions, these badly damaged the entire town. Dresden recovered from this tragedy, and during the 19th century became a major economic centre thanks to the industrialization.

In the World War II, Dresden played an important role as a centre of military industry, but in 1945, in the last weeks of war, the city was bombarded by the Royal Air Force and by the United States Army Air Force, the damage was enormous. After the war, the city was reconstructed and became a major industrial centre in communist East Germany with a great deal of research infrastructure.

In 1990 with the reunification of Germany, Dresden has experienced dramatic changes. Many historical buildings were still under reconstruction, like the Dresden Frauenkirche and the area around Neumarkt square. In 2005, a year before Dresden's 800th birthday, many of these architectural places were finished transforming the face of the city in one of the most atractive destinations of Germany.

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