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Communications in Germany

Communication systems in Germany are modern and technologically advanced since the World War II when the reunification was beginning. Germany also develops an integrated internal system with important advances from land mail satellite communications. Currently, Germany occupies the third place worldwide in telecommunications, after USA and Japan.

Post offices
Post offices in Germany offer an excellent service and there are around all the country. Prices are variable, depending of the letter’s size and weight, but usually sending a package from Germany to another country can be expensive. The main post office company is the "Deutsche Post", but there are also other companies that deliver letters and packages.

Germany counts with a large selection of telephone services connected by modern networks (fiber-optic cable, coaxial cable, satellite system). However, choose the right service is critical. Many service providers put complicated clauses in the contract, So it is important to read carefully the clauses before to sign.

Email and the Internet
Internet is very used in Germany, and in recent years email accounts have been increased reaching the United States in this amount. In the country there are many internet options, so try to look for the service that is compatible with your needs.

In Germany media is an important part of the country’s culture, the quality of journalism is high and the freedom of the press is guaranteed under the Basic Law. Media is also the main channel through the citizens obtain the information: The 51 percent of Germans get their news from television, 22 percent from the written press (newspapers, magazines) and 6 percent from radio.

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