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Cologne Travel Guide

Getting Around Cologne

Cologne By Taxi

You can find easily a taxi following the signs to the taxi ranks, taxis are usually cream-colored. But, at night taxis often charge expensive rates.

Cologne By Car

You can hire a car and drive in Cologne, but there are some disadvantages which you should take into account: the parking is expensive especially in the city’s centre.

Cologne By Public Transport

This is the best way of getting around Cologne, there are many buses, trams, U-Bahn and S-Bahn trains which operate through the whole city for not expensive rates. The journey in train into Cologne is really quick, it takes around 15 minutes. Other important public transport is the Strassenbahn, the underground tram, which go to many destinations. You can find their route map at every station and inside the same Strassenbahn.

Cologne By Bike

It is also a good way of getting around the city; many people prefer cycling to know better the neighborhoods and the streets.

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