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Cologne Travel Guide

Weather in Cologne

In contrast to many parts of Germany northern, Cologne enjoys of a relatively mild weather during all year because, the weather conditions of the North Sea and Atlantic Ocean are mixed in this region. The summers are hot and winters are mild, for this reason the weather in Cologne is the most constant between all German State weather. The summers are present from May to August with an adequate temperature of 20 degrees centigrade. Otherwise, the winters are present between Novembers to February, in this time the climate is cold but no much as other North parts of Germany.

The coldest month in all year is January when the temperatures drop to 1 degree below zero. In addition, the snow, in this part of year, melts very easily and the precipitations of Cologne are distributed uniformly during all year, in this way, don`t exist a specific season of rains in Cologne. In conclusion, Cologne has a perfect weather to visit it during all year, summer or winter; each season has its own charm in Cologne.

Cologne has a pleasant climate with warm summers, mild winters and an average annual rainfall of 760 millimetres (30 inches); between 50 and 75 millimetres (2/3 inches) each month. Average temperatures range from around 1º Celsius (34º Fahrenheit) in January to 20º Celsius (68º Fahrenheit) in July and August.

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