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Cologne Travel Guide

Cologne Culture

Cologne is a city plenty of cultural attractions and traditions, so it is no wonder that the city is known as a Mecca for old and modern art. You should visit its architectural highlights like churches and ornate squares, other interesting places in Cologne are the theatres and opera with many classic and modern plays performed by consecrated actors. There is something for every taste!

Cultural Monuments and Museums

Cologne has vast cultural monuments, some dated from A.C. years such as the famous Roman Dionysus mosaic, others from the medieval time like the Overtolzenhaus and the Gürzenich hall, and others more modern like the Opera House and the Media Park. Many monuments in Cologne are proof of its history like the restored Central Railway Station and the famous Cologne Cathedral.

The most famous museums in the city are:
  • The Ludwig Museum: Home for many modern art collections

  • The Romano-Germanic Museum: Shows part of the history of the Romans in many ancient archaeological findings.

  • The Rautenstrauch-Jost Museum: It is an important ethnological museum.

  • The Diocesan Museum: Shows sacral art and photographic collections

  • The Imhoff-Stollwerck Museum of Chocolate: It has important information about the history of the chocolate.

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