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Best of Germany: W�rzburg

Near from Frankfurt, W�zburg is a vibrant university town surrounded by vineyards and full of architectural splendors. Its cultural scene includes traditions and popular events all year around like the Mozart Festival and the Africa Festival which attract many visitors. W�zburg is also a wine-centre of the Franconian region, the wine in the typical bottle "Bocksbeutel" is served by many taverns.

In and around the city there are many cultural attractions like the famous Main Franconian Museum with sculptures by the famous artist Tilman Riemenschneider, the Fortress Marienberg, the Cathedral museum, and the Martin Wagner museum that is a splendid archiepiscopal residence and the famous masterpiece of Balthasar Neumann, an extraordinary baroque architect.

The city is also the main shopping town for the Franconian region been the most important chain stores Domstrasse and Sch�nbornstrasse, Furthermore, there are many small shops located on Juliuspromenade where you can find unique souveneirs.

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