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Best of Germany: The Rhine

In Germany, The Rhine has a spectacular beauty and it is a popular holiday destination. There you can find impressive places to visit like castles, cathedrals, vineyards and hiking trails. Its magnificent scenery inspired a lot of painters and poets. In fact, Germany is full of castles, but the Rhine has an especially amount of important castles. Some are ruins and many of them have survived the past of the years.

The Rhine has a sunny, dry and warm climate. For that reason, the vineyard agriculture is famous there. In every village, there is at least one wine festival per year; the most famous series of festivals is the Rhine in Flames.

Its river is the best place from where you can observe the beauty of the area; every day tour boats set sail with many tourists. If you don’t like boating, you can also explore the Rhine by car. The best period to visit the Rhine is in summer, the weather is sunny and the festival season is in full movement.

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