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Best of Germany: Potsdam

Potsdam, capital of Brandenburg state, is a suburb of Germany’s cosmopolitan capital: Berlin. This beautiful baroque city is home for the magnificent palace of Sanssouci that is comparable with other amazing European royal palaces like Versailles and Windsor Castle. Other impressing attractions include Nikolaikirche church, Cecilienhof, Holländisches Viertel, Französische Kirche church and the historic Dutch quarter among others. Potsdam is also a green city surrounded by lakes, hills, and several “palace gardens”

During the 18th and 19th century the city was the residence of the Prussian kings, many of Potsdam’s sights date of this epoch. As many cities Potsdam was damaged by bombings in 1945, but a number of palaces in the Sanssouci park remained intact.

The film industry is important in Potsdam, particularly Babelsberg Film Studios that made many important German films. Also, in the city you can find many cafes, riverside villas and historic streets which you have to stroll before leaving. For those reasons and more, Potsdam is a very attractive place to live.

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