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Best of Germany: Bamberg

BAMBERG is a town in Bavaria, Germany, it is set in the rolling Franconian hills where the Regnitz River flows into the Main. Bamberg is a city with an original character and a very special atmosphere. 1000 years of history are united in an Old Town that is a cultural and architectural site of European rank.

In the Middle Ages, Bamberg was a powerful ecclesiastical center. Initially, it was two towns divided by the river: One was the Ecclesiastical Town of the prince – bishopric, and the other was The Secular Town of the burghers. Nowadays, Bamberg is known as “a beer drinker’s Eden” because there 9 Breweries with lots of different kinds of beer, being the most famous the “smoked beer”. The average Bamberger drinks 190 liters of beer a year!

Bamberg is also famous for its architecture, with styles ranging from Romanesque to Gothic, Renaissance to baroque. There you can find narrow cobblestone streets, ornate mansions and palaces, and impressive churches. In Bamberg there is always party going on somewhere, the Franconian hospitality expresses itself when people get together, and the major occasions to celebrate are the frequent anniversaries of churches’ consecrations.

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