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Berlin Photos

Every photo or image is a memory trapped of any place. Berlin is no exception, with interesting places and sites, the German capital offer the best views to take photos, for example images of Postdamer Platz, the checkpoint Charlie and their representative buildings or Museum of Bode where you can see the largest collection of sculptures from Europe. In this way, we bring you a collection of photos and images of the most beautiful places in Berlin, the Capital of Germany.

In addition, the city of Berlin has many other interesting places like Bundeskanzleramt, the building of German Chancellery, Holocaust Monument, in memorial of person who died in the Second World War or Volkspark Friedrichshain that is one of the most beautiful parks in Berlin. Below we show you amazing photos and images of the interesting places of the German Capital.

This page contains a large selection of Berlin photos, city views, monuments, churchs, streeets, attractions, etc. Click on the images below to enlarge them.

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