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Berlin Travel Guide

Live Music in Berlin

In Berlin there are many clubs where you can enjoy live music. Usually in smaller clubs new artists appear making a good spectacle, and in the big clubs you can listen famous musicians play their songs.
  • Insel
    Address: Alt Treptow 6, Treptow

  • Junction Bar
    Address: Gneisenaustraße 18, Kreuzberg

  • Kalkscheune
    Address: Johannisstraße, Mitte

  • Knaack
    Address: Greifswalderstraße 224, Prenzlauer Berg

  • Kulturbrauerei
    Address: Knaackstraße 97, Prenzlauer Berg

  • Magnet
    Address: Greifswalder Straße 212-213, Prenzlauer Berg

  • Mudd Club
    Address: Große Hamburger Straße 17, Mitte

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