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Explore Berlin

If you come for the first time to Berlin, you will realize that visiting the city in less than a week is impossible. Therefore when you are in the German capital, you not visit only Berlin, you explore Berlin because the city has many charms to offer us, since Berlin Wall and Eastern Centre until Western Suburbs. Berlin is still an undiscovered treasure. For this reason, we show the best place to explore and know more about Berlin with a complete description of each one.

Berlin Wall   Berlin Wall
The construction of Berlin wall began at August 13, 1961. The German Democratic Republic (GDR) took this decision to close the border between East Berlin (Soviet-occupied) and West Berlin (occupied by the Americans, British and French).
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Eastern Centre   Berlin's Eastern Centre
Eastern center of Berlin is represented by the district of Mitte, there you will find some of the oldest Berlin’s buildings like Marienkirche, Nikolaikirche, Zeughaus and boulevards such as the well-known Unter den Linden. The Eastern center is also a cultural center.
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Eastern Suburbs   Berlin Eastern suburbs
The suburbs of Berlin are a main attraction for its own character; there you will see the true personality of Berlin. The suburbs are home for the best hotels, cafés, restaurants and pubs. An important central district in the suburbs is Friedrichshain.
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Staatliche Museen Berlin   Staatliche Museen
The 16 National Museums in Berlin (Staatliche Museen zu Berlin) are part of the Prussian culture heritage. The state museums were damaged in the Second World War and many museums lost important collections, but they were repaired.
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Western Centre   Berlin's Western Centre
The Western Centre of Berlin has a lot to offer, but this part of the city is well-known for its great nightlife. There you can find also a number of hotels, from 1 to 5 stars, in the sectors of Kurfürstendamm, Breitscheidplatz and Lützowplatz.
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Western Suburbs   Berlin's Western Suburbs
In the western suburbs you can find many beautiful scenes like the Havel lakes and the Grunewald. This part of the city is a popular place to live, so it is no a surprise that the districts of Kreuzberg and Schoneberg have high population.
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