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Restaurants in Berlin

Restaurants’ quality is really good and usually many people make reservations before, but it is not mandatory. The most crowded restaurants are Turkish and Italian, although there are also many Mexican, French and Chinese restaurants. An important thing that you should keep in mind is that many restaurants doesn’t accept credit card, so try to have cash with you.
  • Vau
    Jägerstrasse 54-55, Mitte
    Vau has a relaxed style, decorated with modern paintings. It is an expensive restaurant that serves German dishes, excellent drinks and delicious desserts. It is necessary to make reservations. Closed Sunday.

  • Vivo
    Lützowufer 15
    This restaurant is among the top restaurants in Berlin, the menu is traditional and innovative at the same time, so you can find delicious dishes. Open evenings only.

  • Borchardt
    Franzosische Strasse 47
    A refined restaurant where is served mainly French dishes. Its interior is beautifully decorated making a nice ambience for eating, meeting friends or relaxing. This is one of the most sophisticated restaurants in the city. Open daily.

  • Heising
    Rankestrasse 32
    This is a nice restaurant decorated with baroque themes. There are served traditional dishes such as the croustade of duck, there is also a varied selection of French wines. Open evenings from 19:00, Closed Sunday.

  • LaPetiteFrance
    Knobelsdorffstrasse 27
    This is a French restaurant with a beautiful decoration based on black and white photographs. The menu changes frequently. Open evenings only Monday to Saturday, closed Saturday.

  • Hamlet
    Uhlandstrasse 47
    This restaurant is a relaxing place with long bar and sparkling candles. The food is diverse; you can find traditional French and Arabian dishes.

  • Zur Letzten Instanz
    Waisenstr. 14-16
    A great restaurant with an old-fashion interior, there you can enjoy the traditional menu with specialties such as Eisbein.

  • Engelbecken
    Witzlebenstr. 31
    In this restaurant is served high quality food in a reasonable price. The atmosphere is nice with a collection of art and friendly staff.

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