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Berlin Travel Guide

Berlin Nightlife

Berlin is a city with much entertainment to offer, you can choice between a cultural night with a drink and a fun night dancing all night. If you get around the city, is a fact that you will find pubs, bars, theaters, cinemas and discos in your road. Many people spend their time in these places to have a good time and make friends. In the Mitte district there are many bars with a cool Euro-style, so if you prefer conservative places you should go there.

For jazz fans, the western districts have many jazz clubs which have a fancy ambience; the most attractive districts in this area are Tiergarten and Charlottenburg. Berlin is also a city with a wide gay and lesbian ambience, especially in the southern districts of Schöneberg and Kreutzeberg where many clubs offer fun and good dance music.

Berlin Nightlife
Discos and Clubs in Berlin
Discos are places in which you'll meet new people and enjoy the fullest your trip.
Live Rock and Pop Music in Berlin
Berlin offers many places where you can listen to live music.
Jazz and World Music in Berlin
You can enjoy jazz and other world music in the best establishments in Berlin
Theatres in Berlin
Berlin boasts many theatres with impressive exhibitions, find out more information.
Cabaret, Variety and Dance in Berlin
Berlin knows how to party, find a variety of dances and cabarets in this vibrant city.

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