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Berlin Travel Guide

Eating and Drinking in Berlin

In Berlin there are over 12,000 restaurants making the city a cultural and culinary mixture, so is easy to find good and wonderful places to eat out with an extensive variety of dishes, an excellent ambience and good service, you probably will have some problems trying to decide which place is the best. You can find also a selection of great food in many cafés at reasonable prices.
Traditional dishes tend to be rustic and energetic, specially the breakfasts. Many places serve meats and cheeses, smoked salmon and horseradish, but there are also continental-style breakfasts with croissants and yoghurt among others.
Snacks are popular in Berlin, especially the Doner Kebab and currywurst. Other traditional dishes are Boulette, Matjes and Eisbein

Obviously, in Berlin’s bars the most popular drink is the beer. Beer usually takes a while to be served because the time to be poured properly is of 7 minutes. There are two important breweries: Schultheiss and Kindl. Other famous drinks are the wine that comes from the Rhine and Mosel regions, the Sekt that is the German equivalent of champagne and the Cocktail.

Restaurants in Berlin
Restaurants’ quality is really good and usually many people make reservations before, but it is not mandatory. The most crowded restaurants are Turkish and Italian, although there are also many Mexican and Chinese restaurants.

Snack bars in Berlin
In all Berlin you can find a lot of snack bars which offer a wide range of fast food, usually many of them are in airports and hotels. Snack bars are the favorite choice of many people for their cheap prices, good food and nice ambience.

Hausbrauereien in Berlin
Beer gardens (HAUSBRAUEREIEN) in Berlin are very crowded, there people usually enjoy the famous “Berliner Weisse" a young wheat beer that ferments in the bottle preferably with a shot of red raspberry or green woodruff syrup.

Traditional cafés in Berlin
In Berlin, coffee is a tradition that usually comes accompanied with a fresh piece of cake. Traditional Cafés offer the German coffee thinner and bitterer, black coffee, white coffee (Milchkaffee) among other varieties.

Bars and café-bars in Berlin
Berlin’s nightlife is well-known for its great combination of bars and clubs: from quieter watering holes in the East to the full glitz and glam of the West. Berlin is a city that never sleeps!

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