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Berlin Travel Guide

Arrival to Berlin

When we arrive to Berlin, take note about the different transportation of Berlin is always necessary. Buses, rails, subways, planes, all of them have adequate systems of schedule and it is important know about them to avoid any setback. The system of transportation of Germany is the best inside Europe and one of the most modern. Therefore we bring you the complete information of every system of Transportation in the capital of Germany. Below we have a list of all these transportation.

Berlin By Plane

Berlin has a good national and international air route system, so you can arrive at Berlin in a very comfortable way. Berlin’s airports are very accessible to the public because they are connected to the local public transport system, the main airports of Berlin are:
  • Tegel: It is 7km northwest of the city centre and is the gateway to Western Europe.
  • Schönefeld: It is situated around 18 km south-east of the city centre and it handles flights to Eastern Europe and Asia
 Airport and Flight Information
 Berlin Airport
 Telephone: +49(180) 5000 186

Berlin By Train

In Berlin there are many railway stations that can reach you where you want to go, you can take the fast InterCity Express, the InterCity EuroCity and the InterRegio Trains. The main rail station is Hauptbahnhof and all regional and intercity trains stop there; you can buy all kinds of tickets at any train station. The principal train stations are:
  • Railway Station Berlin Hauptbahnhof (Europaplatz 1)
  • Railway Station Ostbahnhof - East Station (Am Ostbahnhof 5)
  • Railway Station Gesundbrunnen (Badstraße 4A)
  • Railway Station Südkreuz (Suadicanistraße 2)
  • Railway Station Lichtenberg (Weitlingstr 21)
 Rail and ticket Information
 Online time table

Berlin By Car

The motorways in Berlin guide to the Berliner Ring (A10), from there anyone can access to the inner city on diverse roads. But, usually the car traffic and the lack of a place for parking make difficult driving at least in the city area. To arrive at Berlin, you can take the roads bellow:
  • Coming from the North-West, take via A24
  • Coming from the North-East, take via A11
  • Coming from the South-East, take via A13
  • Coming from the South, take via A9
  • Coming from the West, take via A2.
 ADAC Infoservice
 German Automobile Association
 Telephone: +49(180) 222 2222

Berlin By Bus

By bus you can travel to Berlin on a comfortable way, in Europe you can find more than 200 cities that have a bus to reach Berlin. The advantages to take a bus are the variety of companies and prices. The central station for buses is the Zentraler Omnibusbahnhof (ZOB).
 Information about arriving buses
 Telephone: +49-(0)30-302 53 61

 BerlinLinienbus company
 One of the largest bus companies in Berlin.

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