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Bamberg Travel Guide

Explore Bamberg

Bamberg is a city in the state of Bavaria in Germany that has many secret and mysteries to discover like the Bamberg Cathedral, the new residence (Neue Residenz), the old resident (Altes Rathaus, 1386), the Old Town Hall (Altes Rathaus, 1386), Altenburg Castle, Bamberg Domplatz inter alia. Therefore you can know more about these attractions and much more with this selections of main attractive and charms of Bamberg, the jewelry city of Germany.

Bamberg Dom   Bamberg Dom
The Dom, also known as The Imperial Cathedral St Peter and St George, is one of the most important work of art in the surroundings of Bamberg. It was founded by Emperor Henry II in 1004, but it burnt down in 1081. The Dom was repaired and finished in 1237.
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Bamberg Domplatz   Bamberg Domplatz
In Bamberg, the Cathedral Square (“Domplatz”) is a large and wonderful piazza by any standard. The Domplatz is surrounded by the Cathedral, the Old Court and the New Residence; these buildings are an important part of Bamberg’s history.
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Altenburg Castle   Altenburg Castle
The Altenburg Castle is an old German Castle that dominates Bamberg because of its location at the highest of the city's seven hills. In the entrance of the castle, there is a beautiful chapel that was a form of insurance practiced in war times.
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Little Venice   Bamberg Little Venice
Little Venice is formed by restored row of historical houses former fishermen along the river Regnitz, the majority of these half-timbered houses date back to the 17th and 18th centuries. Little Venice creates a romantic atmosphere in the city.
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