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Bamberg Travel Guide

Bamberg Culture

Culture form an essential piece of life in Bamberg; there are a number of high-class theatres, fifteen museums and a variety of attractive collections. An exquisite collection of faience earthenware and porcelain is the Ludwig Collection that is shown in the Baroque old town hall. The city is also home for the Bamberg Symphony Orchestra, a famous and extraordinary orchestra that gives to Bamberg the name of “Centre of music”. The city is also dominated by many churches being the most visited The Imperial Cathedral (“Kaiserdom”), inside there you can find many great treasures like sculptures and the famous Altar of St. Mary.

Other important part of Bamberg’s culture is the Beer; many people visit the city to taste the famous “Smoked beer” that is served in the Beer Gardens. In the past, the beer was stored in the “Bierkeller” in order to maintain the beer at a constant temperature, this tradition is still alive until nowadays. In summer, Bamberg’s citizens and their visitors enjoy the first recently tapped beer barrel. In Bamberg you can find also the Beer Brewing Museum where many historic machines and malt houses are on display. Bamberg is currently home to 9 breweries (producing over 60 different beers) and 2 large malting facilities (Weyermann Malz and Bamberger Mälzerei).

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